The World is not a Nerd


Outside the world of Tech, Start Ups, Marketing,  Digital Media & Communications there is an imperceptibly similar species of human who walk among us in a parallel universe to our own. They don’t derive the same meaning from words like authentic, disrupt, engage, community etc. as WE do. But, they do crave intelligent solutions towards increasing efficiency and basically, getting the job done.

Outside of the familiar and familial lexicon of marcomms and the jargon surrounding social trends safeguarded by the gatekeepers – the industry insiders and ‘Thought Leaders’ of this world; there is a sphere, of ordinary and unassuming early adopters, late laggers, slackers and toe taggers that care not for cults, tribes, online communities, industry influencers, gurus and hustlers  but do recognize a handy tool for the job when they see it or, shock-horror, the benefits of the tool are explained to them in layman’s language.

The problem with this, (by this I mean speaking English and not hijacking and attaching meaning to words to fit our own shop-talk) is that we don’t get to eloquently show off how savvy and insightful we are after all our years of college education, studying journals and reports and shooting the shit with our professional colleagues and fellow genius-guru-ninja-seminar junkie-speaker-specialist friends. After all, in the words of Charles Dickens, ‘Why say 1 word when 100 will do’. Okay, he never said that, but don’t we all froth at the mouth at the opportunity to flex our verbal agility and pronounce our ‘authority’ by proliferating parlance and perpetrating prose across an already technical and perhaps to some, intimidating landscape.

As the rest of the world catches up to the Social Revolution and utilizes online channels to survive and grow their business, I think it’s time that us innovators,  influencers, authorities and leaders ‘walk the walk’ by applying authenticity to our brand of communication and ‘Keep it Real’ with all those aliens in the audience that don’t know the difference between a CMO and a CTA.



Governments Going Social

social media governmentIsn’t it time that the institutions that overlook, regulate and to a large degree, exert control over our everyday lives and businesses catch up with what the leading and most innovative companies and corporations are doing by harnessing the power of social media to establish a community of trust, engagement, honesty and transparency? I’m talking of course, about government institutions.

How close do we feel to the people behind the curtain – pulling the strings, making the rules and deciding on matters that are inseparable to the course of our day to day lives? Today, we can easily connect with our friends, peers and favourite brands to stay current and have our say in a revolutionary new way. No longer is communication one way traffic – from organisations to the public, or companies to their customers.

Why then, is there a sense of being locked out and being on the outside of processes that determine so much that is important to all of us? Shouldn’t governments finally adapt to the inclusive and collaborative nature of communications now globally taking precedent, industrially and socially?

Hootsuite, the leading social media management platform, can be the key to correlating the growth in social media use with the need for a positive brand image (in this case a governing body) and organisational effectiveness and efficiency.  Efficiency can be increased in departmental services by utilising Hootsuite and its’ ability to respond in real time to enquiries as opposed to the prolonged and obstacle ridden, bureaucratic processes in place. In areas such as healthcare for example, inquiries and messages could be routed to the appropriate designated officials in a faster, more personable manner. This would slash waiting times for essential treatment and increase public sentiment with their leaders’ performance.

The Hootsuite dashboard can be used to connect new initiatives, developments and procedures with the target audience in a socially engaging way that builds trust, fosters healthy relationships and a two way communication between the State government and its citizens. This mode of introducing new measures, programs, laws, amendments and so forth, would soften what can sometimes be perceived as change forced down peoples throat as Social Managers can address initial concerns, supply additional information and respond to crises and complaints in a timely, personal and authentic fashion, rather than via the automated and much detested method as is currently commonplace.

Additionally, an enlarged field of data can be gathered across the 100 million sources and 26 platforms that Hootsuite seamlessly integrates into an organisations’ existing technological ecosystem. This data can be compiled into comprehensible visual reports instantly and updated in real time, eliminating or vastly reducing those expensive consultation fees and freeing up more money for the exchequer, to be poured back into public services and enterprise supports.

Utilizing Social Media best practices throughout all levels of a governmental organization and not just PR, can give the public a behind-the-scenes look at the human aspect of the various departments and thus feel a more approachable and interpersonal standing with their electives and their representatives as opposed to the prevailing perception of the structural edifice of government being cold, mechanical and even sinister.

Hootsuites’ enterprise-strengths and compliance tools safeguard against risks and security threats by synthesizing regulatory guidelines and internal policies such as secure logins, two step approvals and profile protection with management tools including account audits, network monitoring, flexible permission levels and real time alerts.

Managing task groups, interdepartmental teams and delegations across multiple regions and projects can be centralized using the Hootsuite platform, so work flows are efficient and messages consistent. Campaign effectiveness can be monitored and analysed in real time to adapt to the ever changing landscape, emerging trends and public sentiment – key in election times, responding to controversial issues and proactively creating new solutions and supports to the electorate.

An accessible and human dialogue between our institutions and constituents, across popular social channels is a solution to rebuilding trust and harmonising attitudes with what was once, an Us and Them dynamic.


Gavin Andrew


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